I have been working in the advertising, editorial photography world for many years.

I am spending more time documenting the people around me these days.

My passion is in my personal work, and that has had a great influence  on my commercial work.

moses olmos

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Did you do fashion photography in Dallas during the 60’s, early 70’s? My wife was a model then and I have some photos with Moses Olmos written on the back. Her name, May Belle Osborne, she was a friend and with Kim Dawson. She was also a couture model at NM downtown store early 60’s. She also did make-up and lists “The Photographers” as a group she worked for. Were you a member? I you are interested I would love to meet with you and show you the images, contact sheets I have and see if there are others you did that are not labeled and anything you could tell me about her that you remember. I am working on an book about May Belle as she died June 24, 2015. We were together 38 years but not during her Dallas decade. She wrote extensive poetry, prose, did graphic and construction art, jewelry. i have been trying to find info on any of the other photographers she worked with; George Jerman, Jim Pond, Gene Furness, Mike Mabry.

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